Production of drugs

and dietary supplements

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Specialized laboratory

and precise quality control

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  • Contract manufacturing

    We offer contract manufacturing services in the field of medicinal products (OTC, Rx)

  • Prescription Products

    Rx drugs – sold only with the physician's prescription. Each package marked with the Rx symbol may be sold only after the prescription has been provided. The dosage of these drugs must be supervised by a doctor.

  • Non-prescription products

    OTC – "over the counter" drugs, sold without a medical prescription. The idea of OTC drugs is to give patients access to self-medication for common ailments, they can also be used before a medical consultation.

  • Dietary supplements

    The supplementation of the diet, products containing ingredients (vitamins and microelements) which are important for health but the supply of which may be insufficient in the diet.

Research and development

Specialists in medicine, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology
The Research and Development Division develops modern forms of drug, performs their patent clearance assessment and medical evaluation

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Polfarmex S.A.

About company

We are a recognized manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. With accumulated during a 30-year presence on the Polish market experience, we have gained trust among patients, doctors and contractors. Our products are available in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Far East.

We specialize in the production of generic prescription (Rx) in the field of pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology and gynecology. We also offer a wide range of drugs available over the counter (OTC), dietary supplements and cosmetics. Our portfolio includes more than 100 products and is constantly enriched.

Guarantee a constant quality of our products are high-class specialists and modern machinery. We have a full opportunity to develop the technology, documentation, registration and implementation of the production of wide range of pharmaceutical preparations, also in the field of contract manufacturing.

The Polfarmex company crew consists of more than 700 people - mostly young, strongly oriented to the development of the company combined with personal development.

Our Specialists

Qualified Persons

Responsible for the quality control of every batch of medicinal products before they enter the market

Sales Department

To purchase the products of Polfarmex S.A, contact the Sales Department

Logistics Department

Specialists in logistics and purchases at Polfarmex S.A.